Scam Job Posts on the Jacksonville Craigslist’s employment section for Jacksonville is full of fake job ads placed there with the intention of getting an applicant to sign up for a service that pays the poster a commission or else gets them to submit personal information that can be sold or used for fraudulent purposes. In many cases the ads are so blatantly fake that it would be difficult to imagine anyone falling for them, and yet they must be successful to some extent for the number of false job ads to be worth the effort. Unfortunately, the Jacksonville jobs section is no different from the pages for other Major Florida cities. It has gotten to the point where the only way to tell a real ad is if the person posting actually lists the name of the business or a local phone number, which is sometimes inconvenient. It should be noted that in most cases the scammers are not even in this country, let alone in Florida. The ads are often worded in vague terms so that they can be submitted to the Craig’s List jobs sections of many cities without having to be altered each time.


This is all unfortunate since as few as 3 years ago, was an excellent resource for job hunters in Northeast Florida. It was possible to go to the Jax jobs section or Gainesville’s, or to Orlando’s and find several legitimate jobs each day depending on the niche in which you were searching, without having to wade through too much spam. These days, in much of Northeast Florida, if you find three genuine, local ads in a week you have to consider yourself fortunate. In fact, if there is no reason the believe that a job ad is legitimate, the safest bet is to presume that it is not rather than provide your name, email address and phone number to them.